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Programs listed below are for exclusive broadcast by:
Mid-Atlantic Region Affiliated Non-Commercial Radio Stations
Notice: Audio files contain copyrighted material and may be broadcast only by our affiliated radio stations. To learn how your station can become an affiliate of "On the Farm" Radio, click here. There is no cost to become an affiliate. 
Downloads are available by midnight of the evening before broadcast.
Download mp3 audio file by right clicking and "save as."
WCHG FM 107.1     Hot Springs, VA
WVLS FM 89.7       Monterey, VA
WVMR AM 1370     Frost, WV
W278AL FM 103.5  Durbin, WV
WVGV FM 89.7 West Union, WV
WVGV FM 96.7 West Milford, WV
WNMP 88.5 FM Marlinton, WV
WRSG FM 91.5 Sistersville, WV
Sept 22
Sept 23
Sept 24
Sept 25
Sept 21
Sept 26
Attn. Affiliates:
New "Almanac" 60-sec. programs are now ready for download.

We are pleased to announce the availability of a commercial-free, one-minute segment - "Ish's Farm and Garden Almanac." For now, we'll just call it the Farm and Garden Almanac; ultimately it may dwindle down to simply "Ish's Almanac." As you know, in radio, brevity is KING.This new segment is a hodgepodge of home garden tips, food and farm news, as well as other interesting "almanac" stuff (moon phases, planting dates, witticisms, etc.).​

​Sample episode here>>   download

Audio file-naming protocol will be as follows (making Radio Spider downloads simple):

IFGAMonday                    IFGATuesday        IFGAWednesday      
IFGAThursday                  IFGAFriday           IFGAWeekend

The Farm and Garden Almanac is ONLY available to affiliates of OTF RadioMany of our stations will probably air this segment twice per day (morning and afternoon) to take advantage of local sponsorships. File download will be on this same page.

Affiliate agreement is available here. Please complete and return to us as soon as feasible.

Premiering in February, 2020, it runs M-F and includes a "weekend" edition (of same length). Please let us know if you would like a custom promo for this new segment.  
On the Farm
Farm & Garden Almanac Non-Commercial Affiliates

WCHG FM 107.1     Hot Springs, VA
WVLS FM 89.7       Monterey, VA
WVMR AM 1370     Frost, WV
WVMR        FM 91.9    Hillsboro, WV
WNMP        FM 88.5.   Marlinton, WV
W278AL      FM 103.5  Durbin, WV
WDMT        FM 106.3   Marlinton, WV
WFGH        FM 90.7.    Fort Gay, WV
WBLW        FM 88.1     Gaylord, MI
WLRI FM 92.9      Lancaster County, PA
WVMR FM 91.9    Hillsboro, WV
​WBLW FM 88.1    Gaylord, MI
"On the Farm" Radio Affiliates
Sept 21
Sept 22
Sept 23
Sept. 24
Sept 25
Sept 26 & 27
8:00 Weekend edition
NOTICE TO ALL AFFILIATES: On April 13 we transitioned to a new file-naming protocol to facilitate downloads by automated programs such as "Radio Spider." Essentially, we just eliminated the date within the file name. Examples of new file names include MondayOTFamr.mp3 and MondayOTFshort.mp3. This protocol applies to both OTF programs and "Ish's Almanac." Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!